Neck Pain

Caused by injury, infection, irritation or inflammation, neck pain can be quite troublesome and it’s important that you seek treatment before the condition worsens. If gone unchecked, the natural forward curve of you neck may become straight or even reverse its curve which can cause a multitude of problems. Yours may experience bony growths (called “spurs”), thinning of the discs-even deterioration of muscles and ligaments can occur.

Because these changes are not always painful (or not painful enough to cause you real concern), it’s important that you have a thorough examination, including X-rays or an MRI exam if indicated. For example, spurring, lipping, or the presence of osteoarthritis are in fact, defense mechanisms that attempt to stabilize an off-balance spine. The latest research and medical consensus shows that chiropractic (manipulative) care can reverse these effects in many patients.

The origin of neck pain

Pain in the neck, shoulder, hand, arm or head is often brought in three ways: irritation of the cervical nerve roots in the region of the intervertebral foramen, encroachment of the blood supply through the vertebral canal, or invasion of the cord in the spinal canal. A neck injury, such as whiplash suffered in an auto accident, also can be the cause of these conditions even though neck pain may diminish over time.
Prevention and treatment of neck pain

For today’s neck pain patients, a new approach to treatment and prevention is showing great results. A thorough neurological examination often reveals a part of the nervous system that is not functioning properly. In the case of patients with neck pain, a high mesencephalic output may be part of the cause.

The mesencephalon

Your brain stem is made up of three parts: the top, middle, and lower, with the mesencephalon located in the upper part of the brain stem. High mesenphalic output can cause increased pulse and heart rate, sensitivity to light, sleep problems, urinary tract infections or the sense of increase warmth or sweating.

The cerebellum

Patients with a high mesenphalic output sometimes also show a decreased output of the cerebellum. Responsible for controlling involuntary spinal musculature (among other functions), the cerebellum, if not performing properly can contribute to neck pain and discomfort.

Neck pain (along with shoulder, hand and arm pain) is quite often a complex and difficult problem. That’s why it’s critical that you have a complete and thorough examination to help recognize the problems and chart the correct course for treatment. Because the problems causing the pain may go unnoticed, it’s imperative to be examined as soon as possible.

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