Another Thyroid Success Story

Interviewer: So we have Ms. Heather Hafner here. Heather what brought you to our office?

Interviewee: I have been on the thyroid replacement therapy for about 10 years or so, and I’ve had all the right blood test, and blood work, but I still have a lot of symptoms, so definitely wanted to get this taken care of.

Interviewer: And what types of symptoms were you experiencing?

Interviewee: Fatigue, just general cognition problems, and decision problems, and I was vomiting every day in the morning, and that was kind of unresolved, so I decided to come here.

Interviewer: So a lot of reflux and —

Interviewee: Yeah, and a lot of heart burn and stomach problems, and stuff like that.

Interviewer: Okay so some pretty severe symptoms then, and Heather what are some of the things that we’ve found?

Interviewee: We found H. pylori, so a major gut bacterial infection that they didn’t get when they went in for an upper endoscopy, which is likely causing a lot of the vomiting. I’m not vomiting anymore in the mornings, I don’t get heartburn any more, and I’m not on any type of proton pump, or acid reduction.

Interviewer: Great, we also found through muscle testing that you’re adrenals were severely fatigued.

Interviewee: Yes.

Interviewer: So we did some support for that. Along with that we found some food sensitivities as well, so we started making some changes with supplements, and we did some detoxification. How quickly were you able to see some changes in your health?

Interviewee: Very quickly, probably even on the first week of supplement and eating properly I felt the difference, and then within a month I felt pretty significantly balanced, and more hormonally balanced, and just generally feeling better; feeling better.

Interviewer: Excellent, and did you like some of the treatments that we did in the office?

Interviewee: Yes; I love the foot detox, that’s the best, and I really like the mud packing, and the Rife machine has been very, very helpful.

Interviewer: Great, good, so it’s probably been about two and a half months or so. So we’ve been working together about once a week, and do you feel that the tools that you have as far as the diet changes and the supplements that you’re able to maintain those pretty well?

Interviewee: Definitely, more so than wanting to maintain, but needing to, because you find out pretty quickly what you can’t eat, or what your body doesn’t want you to eat, so it’s been a really good system of figuring out what my body wants, and what’s sustainable, and what’s good for it.

Interviewer: Great, good, and would you refer your friends and family to our office?

Interviewee: Yes, yes, anyone that I know that can be helped. Pretty much anyone and anyone can probably be helped by coming here.

Interviewer: Great, and is it okay if I share your story with others?

Interviewee: Definitely, yes.

Interviewer: Anything else to add?

Interviewee: It’s a great place to take over your health, and subsequently your mind, and your body, and just kind of get everything balanced out.

Interviewer: Great, thank you for sharing your story. Congratulations!

Interviewee: Thank you.

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