Autoimmune Thyroid Hashimotos Recovery – Before, During, and After


Here a copy of the video where Vandana shares her success throughout different times of her care. The last segment is a year after she had completed her care plan. Her TSH went from 22 to normal levels in a couple short months. It had been high for over 2 years. Her energy levels, gut symptoms, hashimotos immune issues, and depression all improved. She was very happy to see a year after completing care she was still thriving. Getting to the root cause of the health condition is key to healing. Hidden food sensitivities, gut infections, adrenal fatigue and autoimmune issues tend to be contributing factors with thyroid


Initial part of care plan:


Interviewer:                 All right.  Vandana came in this morning and wanted to share some things about how she’s doing now.

Interviewee:                 I’m doing really, really great.  I can handle stress so well.  That’s what I was talking to Dr. Parker today – that I can handle stress so well.  No more crying, no more getting depressed, and no more getting all worked up and just blowing my head off and, you know, talking and just crying over small silly things.  I can handle very well myself; a lot in control.

Interviewer:                 Yeah, there’s a huge difference.  We’ve got a lot of your systems working good, we’ve
got a lot of your foundation nutrition going on.  Your gut’s doing much better too.

Interviewee:                 Yes, absolutely.

Interviewer:                 Absolutely. So we’re just going to keep on tracking our progress with you.


                                    After a few months of care:


Interviewer:                 All right.  Vandana just came in.  She’s been under care and we’re working on some
thyroid conditions, and some gut health, and some different immune problems that she was having.  And she’s kind of on a maintenance level right now as we just keep helping heal things, and she wanted us to share her latest report.

Interviewee:                 Yes.  My thyroid level was like two years
ago, it was 16.4, and last December, it was 22; and now it has reduced significantly when I started this treatment.  It’s gone to 1.04 and I was so
excited. [Laughter]

Interviewer:                 That’s your TSH level.

Interviewee:                 TSH level, yes.

Interviewer:                 Yeah, yeah.  That’s a tremendous shift.

Interviewee:                 Yes.

Interviewer:                 And how are you feeling, how are you doing?

Interviewee:                 Oh, great; absolutely great. [Laughter] I don’t think I have any more problems now.

Interviewer:                 How long have you been working on your thyroid condition?  How long has it been high like that?

Interviewee:                 Oh, it’s for two years now.

Interviewer:                 For two years.

Interviewee:                 And then I started treatment with you since
December; and in two or three months, it’s gone down to 1.04.

Interviewer:                 Yeah, yeah.  That’s a huge normalization.

Interviewee:                 Yes.

Interviewer:                 That just means that your systems are working better and your thyroid’s not being
attacked, it’s functioning much better.  And you’re the result of it; and look how well you’re doing. 

Interviewee:                 Yes. [Laughter] Yes.

Interviewer:                 I appreciate you sharing with me.

Interviewee:                 Thank you.


                                    A year later after completing her care plan:


Interviewer:                 Well this morning, I was sitting here getting caught up with one of my favorite
patients, Vandana.  Vandana worked really hard with me for about a year a while back, and it’s been a year since I really worked with her; and I just wanted to
share with her, once she put in the time and effort and worked on her chronic health condition, how is she doing a year later after not being under my care,
but staying on a few baseline supplements?  So what do you have to share today?

Interviewee:                 Oh, I’m so much a happy person now. [Laughter]Look at me, all glowing.  You should have seen me a year or year-and-a-half back.  And I was very tired, no energy, a lot of fatigue; and today, I can do everything.  I feel I’m on top of the world now. [Laughter]

Interviewer:                 Yes. It’s amazing how far you’ve come.  You were at the point for a while there where you just weren’t doing anything around the house, hardly going anywhere. And now you’re jet-setting around the world.

Interviewee:                 Yes, I am. [Laughter]

Interviewer:                 Well I’m really happy to see you’re doing so well; and I want to people realize is
once they complete care, if they stay on some baseline supplements, they’re going to do really well.  They’ve worked on some brain fatigue that they had, or some energy problems, and some thyroid issues, and some gut and immune system; and if they maintain the healthy lifestyle they create, they’re not going to fall apart.

Interviewee:                 Absolutely not.  Oh, you’re going to just move ahead, that’s all.  You cannot go back. [Laughter]

Interviewer:                 That’s great.  And I’m so glad, and I love taking care of people and seeing this kind
of improvement, and seeing the lasting effect.  And, Vandana, thank you for sharing with us.

Interviewee:                 Thank you so much, Dr. Parker.


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