Barbara’s health success with weight, fatigue

Interviewer: This is one of my awesome patients. Barbara’s been with me probably about almost three months I’m going to guess, something like that. And she’s going to share with you what was going on when you came in to see us?

Interviewee: I was overweight, grossly, in my opinion. No energy. I had trouble sleeping. I also have some neck issues, which are brain related and mental fogginess. And some doctor put me on the program and it’s very fascinating to me. I was a bit of a skeptic but my daughter had been coming and was cured of some really interesting things quickly.

And so I came a couple times, he allowed me to come a couple times to see what was going on and do the foot detox. And just watching the whole process is very fascinating to me.

Interviewer: Yeah, good. Yeah, you came to us and you just weren’t performing down to the fact you had brain fog and were having some task issues going on even at work. So we ran some tests, looked at the adrenals, your adrenals were flat and you definitely had a lot of adrenal fatigue going on. We did some things to support you nutritionally. We did some things to work on detoxification. We did some autoimmune dietary protocol and then detoxification dietary protocol. We did some of our few control therapy homeopathic. We did a range of different things all the way down to the ____ machine and you’ve responded well.

First off, I could tell you, you were very religious about your dietary changes. You really made my job easier to work with you. And you made some great changes you’ve been really fun to work with. You’re a great person and is there anything else you wanted to share?

Interviewee: To speak to that, to being religious about following the protocols and following the dietary restrictions I think that’s very important. And to write down everything the doctor tells you so you don’t forget because I think it makes a difference. You’re making an investment in your time and in order to make it work I really feel like you need to stick to the plan. And even after the program, it’s important.

Interviewer: Yeah. One of the things I can tell you is when people start initially their brain fatigue, their tiredness it’s hard for them to really track on how they’re doing. But once they start feeling a little bit better it’s easy for them to pick up the speed and participate and do well. So nothing we do is hard for people to do it just takes some consistency and some effort.

I appreciate you sharing this with me would you mind if I share it with other people?

Interviewee: I wouldn’t mind at all and Dr. John and Dr. Lex are great and Nancy and the staff here is wonderful. And it’s a wonderful atmosphere. It’s a family atmosphere you don’t feel like you’re a patient. You feel like everyone cares about you and really wants you to get better.

Interviewer: That’s awesome. Thank you so much, I’m glad you feel that way I work really hard to have that type of clinic and that’s what I strive for.

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