Beverly shares her health success with pain and energy

Interviewer: This is another one of my awesome, most favorite patients. This is Bev. She’s been coming in for six weeks and we are working on a care plan. We’ve been working on some different complaints and I’m just going to let her share with people what she has to share.

Interviewee: Well, I’ve been very ill for about 16 months and I found Dr. Parker’s website. I’d been working for a functional medicine doctor. He met all the criteria I was looking for, very homeopathic. When I came in, I was having severe joint pain where I couldn’t get up and down. It was just very difficult. I had no energy. And six weeks later, I’m bending, I’m stooping, I’m picking things up. And my life has changed dramatically. My mental fog is gone. My energy levels are sky high. So if you’re looking to improve your health you need to come and see Dr. John.

Interviewer: Awesome, I really appreciate that. We’re just sitting here reviewing her case at this point and going through some things. And we still have work to do. We’re whittling things down but what I always say is we’re going after the next layer in the onion. And you’re doing great. And you’re a pleasure to take care of and I appreciate that. Would you mind if I share this with others?

Interviewee: You may. Come see us, we love it here.

Interviewer: Awesome. Thank you so much.

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