Food Sensitivities, Gut Infection, Brain Fog, Autoimmune Thyroid – Candace

In a few short weeks Candace feels like she can be a mom again! Listen to her results…she had leaky gut, adrenal fatigue, autoimmune thyroid antibodies.. I stress time and time again that
chronic health conditions need to be approached from a systematic, whole body perspective versus just a simple pill approach.
Dr Parker

Dr. Parker:                 Good morning. This is Candace.  Candace and I were doing just a chitchat getting caught up kind of early in her care.  She’s been in our care about six weeks maybe, if that, and what kind of problems were you coming in with?


Candace:                     I was very fatigued, had headaches, tingling sensation in my tongue and in my lower extremities and my foot.  Even after sleeping eight hours, I was still fatigued, hard to get out of bed and just always feeling sick, headaches and lack of energy.


Dr. Parker:                 Lack of energy was definitely one of them.


Candace:                     Yes.


Dr. Parker:                 Well, we’ve done some things with you and what do you think of all the things we did were the most profound and impactful for you?


Candace:                     Well, the energy is definitely back up.  I feel rested.  I could have energy. Actually went on a mini-vacation with the kids.  I feel so much rested.  I feel like I could be a mom again, and my life is just turning around.


Dr. Parker:                 That’s awesome.


Candace:                     Yes.


Dr. Parker:                 Now, we’re still real early in your care, but I would like to share a couple things like when you came in you had a prior – some blood work and food sensitivity.


Candace:                     Yes.


Dr. Parker:                 And one of the things we know across the map is they had such a range of food sensitivities, so we definitely know there’s some leaky gut issues going on.


Candace:                     Yes.


Dr. Parker:                 And we’re working on that.  Your thyroid antibodies and your TPO antibodies were sky high so we know you have an autoimmune, which is why I get concerned when people have things like numbness and tingling and burning through their extremities and stuff.


Candace:                     Yes.

Dr. Parker:                 So we’re working on that.  We did some acupressure energy work.  We did some detoxification on you.


Candace:                     Yes.


Dr. Parker:                 What’d you think about the mud packing?


Candace:                     It was great.  I mean, at first it was weird.



Dr. Parker:                 You’re surprised at the effect, huh?


Candace:                     Yes but definitely I’m a believer now.  It definitely worked.


Dr. Parker:                 I’m always amazed, too, when we detoxify some scarred pathways that are affecting energy fields.


Candace:                     Yes.


Dr. Parker:                 And with you, you also had some chronic neck issues.  I remember when you first came in, you asked me multiple times about getting some diagnostic testing done for you.  That’s the level you wanted like an MRI or something, you know, and I haven’t really even done any chiropractic work on you, never adjusted you yet so how’s the pain levels doing?


Candace:                     No pain at all.  It’s completely gone.


Dr. Parker:                 You start quenching the inflammatory cascades and the pain levels go away.


Candace:                     Yes.


Dr. Parker:                 It’s a pleasure to take care of you.  I want you to know you’re definitely a real sweetheart.


Candace:                     The same.


Dr. Parker:                 And I see how you blossomed just from your general being happier from feeling better.


Candace:                     Yes.


Dr. Parker:                 So we’re going to keep working on that.  The other thing is your adrenals were tanked.

Candace:                     Right.


Dr. Parker:                 So we did some nutritional support for adrenals.  We put you on some mineral
salts to support the hydration, the gut system as well as support the adrenals so we’re going to continue to work. Would you mind if I shared this with other people?


Candace:                     No, I don’t.


Dr. Parker:                 Perfect.  I look forward to doing a progress exam with you coming up.


Candace:                     And thank you.


Dr. Parker:                 You’re welcome. Thank you.

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