Gluten sensitive and cross reactive food sensitive

Interviewer: All right, here’s one of my absolute favorite patients. This is Cindy. Cindy came in to me-she came in a long time ago, probably a year and a half. She’s been under care for some maintenance with me. We’ve done a few different type of things with her health. And I’d just like to share how she’s doing and how she was when she first came in.

Interviewee: When I first came in I had real bad leaky gut, found out I had a very-an intolerance to gluten, wheat. I had to take that out of my diet. I had a real bad brain fog, real hard to concentrate, very irritable. I’m usually a pretty happy, easygoing person but I was very irritable, highly agitated. I don’t know what else ______.

Interviewer: Yeah, when you first came in you cried at the drop of a hat.

Interviewee: Yes.

Interviewer: I’ll bet you cried ten times in our first meeting.

Interviewee: [Laughter] I owe Dr. Parker a lot of Kleenexes.

Interviewer: And subsequent encounters, and we seem to have really gotten a lot of things under control. We did run some labs for not only gluten sensitivity but cross-reactivities to food that are associated with gluten sensitivity. We worked on the leaky gut. You did a really good job of changing your diet, working on your adrenals. Your adrenals were really stressed out. You had a shift in your adrenal rhythm so you were pumping quarters ________ inappropriate times. And we had you do some brain-base exercises to work on some of that brain fog and clarity, and she did a really good job of doing-she did a nutritional detoxification program, changed her diet, and she’s followed through really well. Now she’s on a maintenance level with me. Ah, she probably comes in every four months or something like that now. So what else can you say?

Interviewee: I’m just really happy. I feel like I’ve gotten my personality back, my life back. I’m the person I used to be. I have a lot more energy. My husband’s very, very thankful. I actually have a clean house now and can just keep up even just with day to day life, which was difficult before.

Interviewer: Yeah. Yeah, when you first came in a lot of times the motivation to follow through on tasks gets put to the side with the basics we don’t even think about, like cleaning and doing our QuickBooks and doing the tasks that we all procrastinate if we don’t feel good to do. So you’ve gotten a lot of things done. I’ve seen you make some big changes. You’re really a pleasure to take care of, and I look forward to helping you just working on some maintenance level stuff.

Interviewee: Well, I just want to thank you, Dr. Parker. I’m just-I’m so thankful that I found you on the internet and that-‘cause for years I was feeling this way and no one could give me the answers that you finally did. So I’m so, so very appreciative, and I know my husband’s very, very appreciative to you as well.

Interviewer: We truly appreciate that, and I love working with these kind of cases. Would it be okay with you if I shared this with other people?

Interviewee: Absolutely.

Interviewer: Perfect. Thank you.

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