Less Pain, More Energy, Weight loss, Happier

Interviewer: So we have-this is Eliana Pena here, and Eliana, what brought you to our office?

Interviewee: Well, my daughter brought me over because I was experiencing a lot of chronic pain through my body, a lot of fatigue. I couldn’t function because I couldn’t even really go to-I was going to work but with a lot of pain. So my daughter has a lot of food allergies. She said, “Mom, if I have a lot of food allergies that means you might be also allergic to something. Let’s go have you tested and let’s go and see this doctor that I researched.

Interviewer: Okay. And how long have you been under treatment and what have you seen change over that period of time?

Interviewee: I’ve been under treatment since September I believe, and I’ve improved a-number one, my knees doesn’t hurt as much as they used to. I mean, I’m able to do work now without the constant pain. I have more energy. I’m overall more happy a person because when you don’t hurt, you’re happier, you know?

Interviewer: Absolutely. And how much weight have you lost?

Interviewee: I’ve lost between 25, 28 pounds since September.

Interviewer: That’s great. And are you happy with your-some of your changes that you’ve made so far?

Interviewee: I’m very happy, very happy-

Interviewer: Great.

Interviewee: Because like I said, less pain-I’m able to function. I have more energy at least to function with my family, you know, and to do the things-the daily chores that I have to do. You know, it’s not as grinding as it was before, you know.

Interviewer: Great. And what do you think of some of the therapies and treatments that you’re doing here? Are they easy to do? Are you-

Interviewee: They’re easy to do. You know, you guys are very considerate as far as, you know, making you feel comfortable and your pain level. You always ask, “Is this okay?” So I’ve been treated very, very well. Overall I’m happy. I’m…

Interviewer: Great. And would you refer your friends or family to our office?

Interviewee: Yes, I would. Yes, I would.

Interviewer: Great.

Interviewee: Definitely, especially if they’re feeling the way I was feeling. This is the place to come.

Interviewer: Thank you for sharing your story.

Interviewee: You’re welcome.

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