Michelle shares her success with diabetes, weight loss, and chronic pain

Interviewer: This is Michelle. She’s been under care maybe about three or four months now. We’ve been working on some things and she wants us to share how she was and how she’s doing now, so go right ahead, hon.

Interviewee: My glucose is now fasting 117 in the morning where it used to be about 170 fasting. I’m now reduced my glucose medicine as well. I was taking Januvia and also Metformin and I’m still on the Metformin but I’ve omitted the Januvia, which I’m so ecstatic about. And eventually my plan is to eliminate the Metformin.

I also came here for pain as well. I’ve been in two motorcycle accidents and my pain level was high. It’s decreased. I’ve lost a total of 17 inches, which I’m ecstatic about because I retain so much that now I’ve eliminated a lot. Seventeen inches is awesome.

And I just feel more energy. That was another thing that I came here for I had low energy. Did not want to do anything or had the ability to do anything and now I’m riding a bicycle, I’m doing all kinds of things around the house, focusing on my art, and doing a lot of tasks that I wasn’t able to do before. And I’m just very blessed, very blessed, and happy.

Interviewer: Very good. You’ve been such a pleasure to work with. We implemented a couple dietary changes, we did a nutritional supplementation, we did some different type of things to just get you turned around and you just took off right outside the gate and you’ve done really well and you’ve been a pleasure to take care of. Would you mind if I share this with other people?

Interviewee: Definitely. Definitely share it with other people.

Interviewer: Perfect. And you’ve been such a pleasure to have in our clinic, thank you.

Interviewee: Thank you.

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