Rife Machine for Healing

Interviewer: Nancy is here. We’re doing the Rife program on her. We’re running different frequencies. It helps with different things form anti-anxiety to different problem with gut infections, and things like that. We’ve done some Rife sessions with you. How do you like the Rife machine?

Interviewee: I like it, it seems to work. It’s effective in this, along with the detox, and other supplements it’s been great, but big difference with the Rife.

Interviewer: Yeah we really like the Rife machine so when we work with people, like say if people have a gut infections, we might do some nutritional detoxification, so some herbicides to kill different things, and we also use the Rife, and it really, really helps them out with their gut infections, and things like that. People seem to really like it. So thank you for sharing that Nancy.

Interviewee: Thank you.

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