Ruth’s PN Success with Neuropathy Pain

Interviewer: All right. This is my absolute favorite patient, Ruth. She is such a sweet heart. She wanted to share some things with you about how she’s doing. It’s fairly early. We’re about two months into her care. Share how you came in and how you’re doing now, Ruth.

Ruth: When I came in, my whole body was in pain. Today, it’s just great. I don’t have the pain.

Interviewer: Yeah. There’s a huge difference. You actually came in for some peripheral nerve issues – leg pain-types of things. As I started doing my exam on you, I noticed that you have systemic pain. You had pain in your neck, your shoulders, your wrists, your hands, and your knees. You had it everywhere. We did some energy point work. We did some nutrition work with you. You did a really good job of taking all of your supplements. We worked on some things to support you overall. How’s your energy now?

Ruth: Energy is fine. Everything is good.

Interviewer: How about your sleep?

Ruth: My sleep is good.

Interviewer: Exactly. You’ve done really well. I know you’ve made some changes in your medications, so we’re going to look at your labs when you get them back and we’re going to make some appropriate modifications based on that. You’re such a pleasure to take care of. Would you mind if I share this with other people?

Ruth: No. Help yourself.

Interviewer: Perfect. We’re going to keep tracking your stuff. I do remember that you came in on a Monday a while back and you said, “I’m really tired.” I said, “It takes time. We’re working on stuff.” You said, “You don’t understand. I’m tired because I went to church three times this weekend.” So, sometimes it’s really how we do and allow us to do the things we value and appreciate in our lives. I appreciate it, and I look forward to keep on working with you.

Ruth: Thank you so much.

Interviewer: You’re welcome.

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