Sharon’s thyroid and health success

Interviewer: All right. This is one of my all-time favorite patients, Sharon. Sharon has been working with us on her health for quite some time. We’ve done some different things with her. Recently, we’ve had some pretty big breakthroughs. What’s going on with you? We just got some lab work back on you.

Sharon: Basically, for the first time ever my labs are good. My thyroid is good. My cholesterol – all the numbers are perfect. The doctor had nothing bad to say about any of my numbers. It was just phenomenal.

Interviewer: I think we’re all pretty impressed with how well your numbers have shifted. We’ve done some nutrition work with you. We’ve done some detoxification. We’ve done some detox baths. We’ve also done what’s called Field Control Therapies bioresonance energy frequency. It works at the cellular level for the different problems you’re having. It’s so easy to do for compliance. You just take some drops. I appreciate that. You also said you’re sleeping better.

Sharon: Oh, yes. Absolutely. I was up all night. I’d be up four or five times a night for maybe an hour. Now, I sleep through the night or most of the way through the night, which is a tremendous improvement.

Interviewer: One of the reasons that you were getting up was because you were having such bad Charlie horses and cramps.

Sharon: Yeah.

Interviewer: Exactly. We’ve got those under control. I’m really impressed with how you’ve done. It’s a pleasure to take care of you, Sharon.

Sharon: Thanks.

Interviewer: Would you mind if I share this with people?

Sharon: Please do.

Interviewer: Thank you.

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