Taylor’s Thyroid Health Success

Interviewer: We have Taylor Shawk here today. Taylor, what brought you to our office?

Taylor: I have been sick for 3-years – very, very sick. I’ve tried a lot of different types of doctors. I’ve been to medical doctors. I’ve tried weird therapies. I’ve tried the natural doctors. I’ve tried a lot of things. I just wasn’t getting better. I’ve had some good times, but then relapses that were really, really bad. It got down to the point that we were going to go to the Mayo Clinic. I remember that they had done a thyroid presentation here. So, I called on a Friday and Dr. Parker just happened to be doing one that Saturday. It was meant to be. I came in. That’s when I started the program.

Interviewer: Great. What types of problems were you having would you say?

Taylor: Are you ready? I was so chronically fatigued that I could get out of bed. My parents had to walk my dog for me. When I showered, I had to have somebody else blow-dry my hair because I just didn’t have the energy. I was just so insanely fatigued. The only way I can describe it is just walking through oatmeal all the time. Everything was a struggle. My joint pain was so bad. I’m 24 years old. I shouldn’t be having joint pain. I remember washing dishes and just crying because I couldn’t do it. Every joint in my hands hurt. I had stopped having a period completely. I couldn’t eat a lot of foods. I was down to eating only five foods. I had food intolerances to just about everything. When I would eat something that set off a reaction, my stomach would be so bloated that I actually looked like I was six or seven months pregnant. It was that severe and that painful. I had horrible brain fog. I never knew what was going on. I really depended on caffeine to be able to do the smallest things like cook or anything. It was pretty bad.

Interviewer: Definitely. When I initially evaluated you, Taylor, you were on a lot of different supplements. You had tried chelation.

Taylor: I don’t think I had tried chelation therapy. I’ve tried a lot of similar things.

Interviewer: -types of detoxes and different things.

Taylor: I have supplement cabinets at home. I’ve tried everything. Every miracle thing that I saw, I would try it.

Interviewer: I think we probably had 25 different supplements that we tested that we realized weren’t really working for you or improving your health. We really had to realize that you are very sensitive to a lot of products and put you on the right products specifically to help your kidneys detox and to help your energy levels and everything, as well.

Taylor: Exactly.

Interviewer: You were very strict with your diet to begin with before you came in.

Taylor: That’s the thing. You would think that I was on the standard American diet, but I already came in off of sugar, alcohol, gluten, and dairy. I was still having crazy problems. The nutrition program that they set me up with here really helped my gut lining and has made the biggest difference. It’s been amazing.

Interviewer: Good. I think even taking it to a different level and really finding heavy metals and Candida and working with you homeopathically, we’ve had a lot of challenges with that. We’ve had some really positive changes with that.

Taylor: Yeah. I keep a journal, so it’s nice to see the ups and downs of this treatment program. I’ve had some days where I feel amazing and it’s so exciting. This week has been great. We do some detoxing here, and it’s a necessary thing to do when you’ve been as sick as I’ve been. I will have some days when I feel pretty bad, but they’re awesome here about dealing with that. I’ve come in crying and they’ll talk me through it. We get through the detox, and I feel fabulous. It’s very worth it.

Interviewer: Excellent. What do you think is different about our approach here?

Taylor: A lot of things. So, I’ve been to a lot of natural doctors where they just give supplements. They do have supplements here, but the way that they do it is so cool. I never thought that your kidneys couldn’t handle a certain amount of supplements. So, they test to the particular organ if the supplement is helping you. They don’t give you too many that your kidneys can’t handle it. Then, in addition to that, they do detoxification therapies. That’s helping your body to detox on its own and get rid of stuff without just throwing supplements in. They handled the entire nutritional aspects of it and also the mental aspect of it. Being sick is really hard on a person, especially when medical doctors don’t find results and tell you that it’s in your head. We worked on some positive, healthy affirmations and things like that. That’s a huge part of the journey, too. That’s been really great that they do that here.

Interviewer: Great. How about your brain function? How has that changed?

Taylor: I read a book the other day that I read four months ago and I didn’t remember that I had read it. That’s how scary my brain was. It wouldn’t function. I would get anxiety seeing people because I couldn’t really follow through with a conversation. My brain just didn’t connect the dots with things. I think a lot of that was the heavy metals. We worked through that. I noticed a huge difference in being able to focus, being mentally alert, and just connecting the dots with things.

Interviewer: Excellent. Thank you for sharing your story.

Taylor: I’m happy to. I really recommend their program and can’t express how much they care. They’re doctors that really do care. There’s no wait. If you call on a weekend, their cell phones are connected. They really do care, and I’m so thankful to have found them.

Interviewer: Thank you. Is it okay if I share this with others to be able to help them?

Taylor: Absolutely.

Interviewer: Thank you for sharing your story.

Taylor: Sure.

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