Thyroid Treatment Tip #7

The Dangers of TYROSINE!

Tyrosine is another very popular supplement in health food stores for people suffering with thyroid problems. Again, if you walk into the health food store and you tell the manager or the person at the front desk that you have a thyroid condition and you need supplements, the first thing they’re going to reach for is iodine and the second supplement that they are going to reach for is tyrosine.

Just like iodine, tyrosine is an integral part of thyroid hormone production but supplementing with it has the potential to suppress thyroid activity. In fact, there’s not a single study out there that shows the ability of tyrosine to increase thyroid hormones, even when they’re low.

The problem is that tyrosine will increase adrenal hormones, epinephrine and norepinephrine which will create a “wired feeling,” a high, brain foggy, I’m flying feeling, and this is one of the worst problems that you can do for a patient with hypothyroidism or an autoimmune thyroid. It is creating an active stress response by over-stimulating the adrenal glands.

I recommend that all patients who are on thyroid meds get tested thoroughly and DO NOT walk into some natural health food store and ask the person behind the counter, who most likely does not have a medical degree, what they should be taking to fix their thyroid problem.

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