Beverly shares her health success with pain and energy

Interviewer: This is another one of my awesome, most favorite patients. This is Bev. She’s been coming in for six weeks and we are working on a care plan. We’ve been working on some different complaints and I’m just going ...read more

Michelle shares her success with diabetes, weight loss, and chronic pain

Interviewer: This is Michelle. She’s been under care maybe about three or four months now. We’ve been working on some things and she wants us to share how she was and how she’s doing now, so go right ahead, hon. ...read more

Barbara’s health success with weight, fatigue

Interviewer: This is one of my awesome patients. Barbara’s been with me probably about almost three months I’m going to guess, something like that. And she’s going to share with you what was going on when you came in to ...read more

Ruth’s PN Success with Neuropathy Pain

Interviewer: All right. This is my absolute favorite patient, Ruth. She is such a sweet heart. She wanted to share some things with you about how she’s doing. It’s fairly early. We’re about two months into her care. Share how ...read more

Taylor’s Thyroid Health Success

Interviewer: We have Taylor Shawk here today. Taylor, what brought you to our office? Taylor: I have been sick for 3-years – very, very sick. I’ve tried a lot of different types of doctors. I’ve been to medical doctors. I’ve ...read more

Sharon’s thyroid and health success

Interviewer: All right. This is one of my all-time favorite patients, Sharon. Sharon has been working with us on her health for quite some time. We’ve done some different things with her. Recently, we’ve had some pretty big breakthroughs. What’s ...read more

Natalie’s Thyroid Success

Interviewer: All right. This is one of the sweetest patients that I’ve ever taken care of. She’s one of my absolute favorites. This is Natalie. Natalie came to me a few months ago with some health concerns. I was going ...read more

Thyoid success Andrea

Video testimonial. Thyoid success Andrea. Her hair was falling out in clumps, she was tired. Her primary doctor told her her labs were normal. ...read more

TSH drops 27 points to normal!

Video testimonial. Natural solutions for thyroid issues as well as adrenal fatigue. Chronic health conditions. TSH drops 27 points to normal! ...read more

Another Thyroid Success Story

Interviewer: So we have Ms. Heather Hafner here. Heather what brought you to our office? Interviewee: I have been on the thyroid replacement therapy for about 10 years or so, and I’ve had all the right blood test, and blood ...read more

Rife Machine for Healing

Interviewer: Nancy is here. We’re doing the Rife program on her. We’re running different frequencies. It helps with different things form anti-anxiety to different problem with gut infections, and things like that. We’ve done some Rife sessions with you. How ...read more

Brain fog, adrenal dysfunction and fatigue, autoimmune thyroid & hormone imbalances

Interviewer: Okay, so have Miss Nancy Richard here, and Nancy came into our office about four months-actually five months ago, and Nancy was really concerned about the fact that she had autoimmune thyroid related problems, a lot of fatigue, a ...read more

Less Pain, More Energy, Weight loss, Happier

Interviewer: So we have-this is Eliana Pena here, and Eliana, what brought you to our office? Interviewee: Well, my daughter brought me over because I was experiencing a lot of chronic pain through my body, a lot of fatigue. I ...read more

Gluten sensitive and cross reactive food sensitive

Interviewer: All right, here’s one of my absolute favorite patients. This is Cindy. Cindy came in to me-she came in a long time ago, probably a year and a half. She’s been under care for some maintenance with me. We’ve ...read more

Food Sensitivities, Gut Infection, Brain Fog, Autoimmune Thyroid – Candace

In a few short weeks Candace feels like she can be a mom again! Listen to her results…she had leaky gut, adrenal fatigue, autoimmune thyroid antibodies.. I stress time and time again that chronic health conditions need to be approached ...read more

Autoimmune Thyroid Hashimotos Recovery – Before, During, and After

  Here a copy of the video where Vandana shares her success throughout different times of her care. The last segment is a year after she had completed her care plan.┬áHer TSH went from 22 to normal levels in a ...read more